Young Arts Finalist: Aaron Smithson + Merit Winners: Mary Safy & Eungyoung Lee


Three students from Oogie Art were recognized for their artwork in the National Young Arts competition.

Aaron Smithson was chosen as a finalist as one of 12 out of 12,000 students in the USA and invited for a workshop and exhibition at the museum in Miami. He was also awarded a $10,000 Presidential Scholarship. His architectural portfolio displayed organic pieces inspired by the sea and incorporated a wide use of mixed media. Aaron's portfolio is also featured on YoungArts.

The Young Arts competition is highly competitive, and we feel honored to have our students recognized for their artistic achievements. Congratulations Aaron Smithson (Trinity School, Oogie Art), Mary Safy (Stuyvesant Highschool, Oogie Art) & Eunyoung Lee (Lexington Highschool, Oogie Art)!!

Charity Fundraising Show

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Oogie Art Gallery hosted a Charity Fundraising Show for the Scholarship at the Talent School in Uganda. Featuring Mark Chearavanont’s black and white photography, many pieces were sold and the funds will go towards raising money for the Kasangula Talent School in Uganda. Mark is an Oogie alumni, and he was accepted from Harvard University. 


September 6 ~ 19, 2015

Admissions Visit: Central Saint Martins

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Admissions officers from Central Saint Martins located in London, England visited Oogie students for a presentation on the admissions process and the various programs being updated at their school. Each year, several Oogie students apply to Central Saint Martins (part of the University to the Arts London) for their renown fashion major. Amongst their alumni includes Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, and each year a few Oogie students are admitted despite the heavy competition.


August 1, 2015

Designer Talk Event: Titmouse Studio


Titmouse Studio is a full-service animation studio. Christy Karacas is Supervising Director and visited Oogie Art to give students a once in a lifetime presentation of his experience in the industry. Students then had the opportunity to visit the studio and experience firsthand the inner workings of a real animation studio. Titmouse creates content for TV shows, films, commercials and branded and digital content, including well known TV shows like SuperJail and Rick & Morty. Christy will be one of the featured professionals in Wook’s upcoming book titled Art College Admissions II.

The Well Project for Kasangula School, Uganda

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Students from Oogie Art visited the Kasangula Talent School and Mityana Village in Uganda as part of the Uganda Leadership Program. Students conducted art classes and installed a well for clean water in the community. The project is the first step in a series of changes that will take place in the community, including an installment of electricity at the school. It was a great opportunity for Oogie students to connect with the students, creating artwork together and bringing about positive change. 

Designer Talk Event: Caryl Glaab - Director at Blue Man Group


Caryl Glaab is the creative director of the Blue Man Group, a trio of bald blue men that perform absurd theatrical acts like banging on PVC pipes all choreographed to drumming beats and no dialogue. Glaab talked about the importance of being present during the design process and gave Oogie students an extensive presentation on creating the look and feel of Blue Man Group. Designer talks like these help students gain advice and insight into the design industries from professionals.  


July 11, 2015   1 PM

Smart Sketchbook Series

Director Wook Choi self-published a series of nine books called “Smart Sketchbook Series” which include fast guidelines on different art techniques for drawing and painting. Each book provides a sample drawing or painting and includes a blank page for students to directly practice onto. Some techniques include drawing a still life of different objects, how to draw the human figure, self-portraits, etc. using mediums like charcoal, pastel or acrylic. You can buy your copy directly from Oogie Art, or purchase them online at Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com

Student Spotlight: Alexander Khomyakov

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Congratulations to our very own Oogie Art alumni Alex Khomyakov for becoming a design assistant at Apple Inc. Alex graduated from RISD studying graphic design and interned twice at a Swiss design company called Department. His hobbies include surfing and learning new languages. You can read more on his experience at RISD, Apple, and his advice to students in the new publication of Art College Admissions II.