Designer Talk Event

Designer Talk Event: Titmouse Studio


Titmouse Studio is a full-service animation studio. Christy Karacas is Supervising Director and visited Oogie Art to give students a once in a lifetime presentation of his experience in the industry. Students then had the opportunity to visit the studio and experience firsthand the inner workings of a real animation studio. Titmouse creates content for TV shows, films, commercials and branded and digital content, including well known TV shows like SuperJail and Rick & Morty. Christy will be one of the featured professionals in Wook’s upcoming book titled Art College Admissions II.

Designer Talk Event: Caryl Glaab - Director at Blue Man Group


Caryl Glaab is the creative director of the Blue Man Group, a trio of bald blue men that perform absurd theatrical acts like banging on PVC pipes all choreographed to drumming beats and no dialogue. Glaab talked about the importance of being present during the design process and gave Oogie students an extensive presentation on creating the look and feel of Blue Man Group. Designer talks like these help students gain advice and insight into the design industries from professionals.  


July 11, 2015   1 PM

Designer's Talk: Marco Lafiandra

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Marco LaFiandra is a Designer and project manager at DDC Designpost. He moved to New York City 6 years ago from Italy and studied Industrial Design in college. Marco gave a presentation about the design process and experience of being a designer from both Italy and NY. His advice for students was to never abandon their personal vision and mission, and to always connect with clients on a deeper level. 


July 26, 2014