Student Spotlight: Joanna Yoon


Joanna Yoon is a passionate Visual Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the cosmetics and media industry. Joanna graduated from SVA as a graphic design major, and currently works for NBC Universal as a graphic designer. She has held internships at companies like Fresh cosmetics and Digital Media Rights

Student Spotlight: Steve Seong


Steve Seong graduated with a double major in radio/tv/film and psychology with a minor in the business institutions program at Northwestern University. Previously he was the International Programming & Acquisitions Intern at Nickelodeon. He is currently a Marketing Coordinator in Digital Products and Platforms at Discovery Communications. 

Charity Fundraising Show

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Oogie Art Gallery hosted a Charity Fundraising Show for the Scholarship at the Talent School in Uganda. Featuring Mark Chearavanont’s black and white photography, many pieces were sold and the funds will go towards raising money for the Kasangula Talent School in Uganda. Mark is an Oogie alumni, and he was accepted from Harvard University. 


September 6 ~ 19, 2015

Student Spotlight: Alexander Khomyakov

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Congratulations to our very own Oogie Art alumni Alex Khomyakov for becoming a design assistant at Apple Inc. Alex graduated from RISD studying graphic design and interned twice at a Swiss design company called Department. His hobbies include surfing and learning new languages. You can read more on his experience at RISD, Apple, and his advice to students in the new publication of Art College Admissions II.