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Art College Admissions II based on 40 colleges interviews with Admission Officers and Chair or Director of art department & 20 Mentors

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Director Wook Choi published her second book titled Art College Admissions IIStemming from 35+ years of experience as an artist, art educator and art dealer, Wook delivers tips and guidance on creating the best portfolio, including examples of student work, and provides insight from interviews with industry professionals in all creative fields including fine art, design, & architecture. Over 40 colleges and universities were interviewed to highlight their best programs and developments in their schools. This is the best updated resource for anyone looking to enter a college or university to further their art education. 

Date & Time

July 2016


Oogie Art Press in New York, NY

Author: Wook Choi, Founder of Oogie Art

Smart Sketchbook Series

Director Wook Choi self-published a series of nine books called “Smart Sketchbook Series” which include fast guidelines on different art techniques for drawing and painting. Each book provides a sample drawing or painting and includes a blank page for students to directly practice onto. Some techniques include drawing a still life of different objects, how to draw the human figure, self-portraits, etc. using mediums like charcoal, pastel or acrylic. You can buy your copy directly from Oogie Art, or purchase them online at Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com

Art College Admissions I Based on her 4 newspaper Columns

Oogie Art has for the first time published a book titled Art College Admissions Iwhich is a guideline for students entering the Art & Design field. It includes the top 10 undergraduate schools throughout the US, including  Pratt Institute, SVA, Parsons, etc. Based on Director Wook Choi's experience with the portfolio and admissions process, it includes tips on how to better prepare your portfolio, how to gain scholarships, and useful information on updated school programs. Our very own Oogie Art students' work is also featured throughout the pages as examples. You can get your copy directly from the Oogie office or on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.