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Fundraising Event for Myanmar Orphans

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A few students from Oogie Art held a fundraising event in Busan, Korea to raise money towards the Mya Theingyi Orphanage in Myanmar. Students had the chance to speak directly with the locals and raise awareness on the orphanage and their plans to help the community. Oogie Art emphasizes that students become leaders and take on projects like this on their own. It gave students an opportunity to raise funds, simultaneously increasing leadership skills.


August 20, 2016 


Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea

Myanmar Leadership Program

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Students from Oogie Art visited the Mya Theingyi Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar to spend time with the children and create a diverse range of artwork. Children were very responsive towards creating something meaningful to express their emotional state and experiment with different supplies provided.  It was a great experience to go abroad and bring fun and positivity to connect with the students and become leaders in the classroom.


August 14 ~ 19, 2016

The Well Project for Kasangula School, Uganda

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Students from Oogie Art visited the Kasangula Talent School and Mityana Village in Uganda as part of the Uganda Leadership Program. Students conducted art classes and installed a well for clean water in the community. The project is the first step in a series of changes that will take place in the community, including an installment of electricity at the school. It was a great opportunity for Oogie students to connect with the students, creating artwork together and bringing about positive change. 

Washington D.C. Art Leadership Program

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For a few days, Oogie students traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in our Art Leadership Program, which is part of the International Child Art Foundation, an enrichment program that provides workshops and art lessons for students all over the world. Oogie students met with several mentors and connected with local students to bring about different art programs. Director Choi emphasizes the importance of being a leader and not a follower, and this was a rare and uplifting opportunity for students to share their knowledge and creativity with their peers and children.   


June 10, 2015 ~ July 3, 2015

Leading & Learning Group Show

The work of Ugandan students was featured in the Oogie Art Gallery this December. The work is the result of a collaboration between Oogie Art students and the children of the Mityana Village at the Kasangula School. Students discussed their experience and talked about their leadership roles during their visit. 


December 13 ~ 27, 2014

Italian IMAF Art Festival Volunteering Event 2012 - Wook & Lattuada Gallery


IMAF is a nonprofit organization legally registered in Italy. IMAF aims at helping and promoting artistic talent in different cultural venues and art categories, such as, cinema, literature, music and visual art by giving national and internationals exposure. A the exhibition which was held at Wook & Lattuada Gallery, students were able to volunteer and help guests on the opening night. 

Art in America - Summer Art Abroad Program 11 cities 12 museums 8 colleges NYC, DC FL, IL, MA

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Oogie students traveled to 11 different cities, 12 museums and 8 colleges this summer. It was an extensive program to help students familiarize with all the famous classic and contemporary artwork one might see in an art history book. Students also visited several colleges and toured the campuses, giving them an idea for future plans to apply to an art school. It was a great experience to get out of the studio and view great works of art. 


August 2 ~ 14, 2011

Italian IMAF Art Festival Volunteering Event


International Migration Art Festival held at the Wook & Lattuada Gallery 

In New York IMAFestival collaborated with Wook + Lattuada Gallery for the opening reception event on the April 25th and at La MaMa Theatre for the New York Big Closing Event on the May 3rd. The exhibition Sport Your Food opened with the exhibition “Eat Art – When Food Becomes Art,” drawing on the relationship between food and migration at Wook + Lattuada Gallery.

Malaysia Leadership Program

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Art Leadership program in Lumawawasang orphanage in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Oogie students traveled to Malaysia to paint a colorful mural at an orphanage located in Ipoh. It was painted on the wall of their workshop center where students learn basic sewing or barbershop skills in order to prepare them for a job once they leave the orphanage. Oogie students made artwork together on the topic of mentors and role models, and many orphans told their stories of missing their own families. Oogie students learned the role of bringing art to connect as a universal language. 


March 16 ~ 23, 2010

Architecture & Art in Spain and Venice

Oogie students took a trip to Spain and Venice this August to view the famous artwork and architecture in each country. Students started out in Barcelona and Madrid, visiting the Sagrada Familia and Architecture by Gaudi, along with the Prado museum and seeing famous works of art by Velazquez, Goya, Picasso, etc. heading to Venice to learn about the Renaissance and Mannerism. 


August 8 ~ 16, 2009

Artist Assistant Program: Angiola Churchill, Formal Head of Art dept at NYU - Incheon Artist biennale

The Formal Head of Art department at NYU, Angiola Churchill was invited from the Incheon Artist Biennual Show and Oogie students went to Korea, to help her install and learn more about her artwork. Angiola gave students a tour of her studio, and Oogie students were also able to attend many forums and seminars happening throughout the city. 


July 26 ~ August 3, 2009

Summer Abroad Program: Impressionism & Artist in France

Oogie students had an amazing time in Paris, France viewing world famous artwork and architecture. Students started out at the Louvre and saw artwork by famous artists like Da Vinci, Courbet, Monet, Edgar Degas, Van Gogh, etc. as well as viewing Baroque and Classicism examples. They also visited the Palace of Versailles which is now a national landmark.


July 19 ~ 25, 2008

Summer Abroad Program: Art from Italian Renaissance to Venice Biennale

Oogie Students took a trip to Italy to view famous artworks from the Italian Renaissance. Starting at famous galleries like the Uffizi gallery, students went from Renaissance to contemporary work. The title was "Think with the Senses - Feel with the Mind. Art in the Present Tense". Works by about 100 artists and groups were shown at the Arsenale and the Italian Pavilion in the Giardini, among them several site-specific installations. 


July 22 ~ 30, 2007