Scholastic Art National Award Ceremony 2016

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12 Scholastic Art National Awards were given to students at the national level this year.

Some schools such as Pratt Institute honor scholarships for students that have gained recognition at the national level. For example: 

  • Portfolio Gold Award Recipients in General Art or Photography: $1500/year for four years
  • Portfolio Silver Award Recipients in General Art or Photography: $1000 a year for four years
  • Gold Award Recipients Individual works: $500 a year for four years

Congratulations to the following students: Katherine Pan, Ava Xu, Maya Dixon, Joseph Li, and Jane Demarest

Young Arts Finalist: Aaron Smithson + Merit Winners: Mary Safy & Eungyoung Lee


Three students from Oogie Art were recognized for their artwork in the National Young Arts competition.

Aaron Smithson was chosen as a finalist as one of 12 out of 12,000 students in the USA and invited for a workshop and exhibition at the museum in Miami. He was also awarded a $10,000 Presidential Scholarship. His architectural portfolio displayed organic pieces inspired by the sea and incorporated a wide use of mixed media. Aaron's portfolio is also featured on YoungArts.

The Young Arts competition is highly competitive, and we feel honored to have our students recognized for their artistic achievements. Congratulations Aaron Smithson (Trinity School, Oogie Art), Mary Safy (Stuyvesant Highschool, Oogie Art) & Eunyoung Lee (Lexington Highschool, Oogie Art)!!