Fundraising Event for Myanmar Orphans

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A few students from Oogie Art held a fundraising event in Busan, Korea to raise money towards the Mya Theingyi Orphanage in Myanmar. Students had the chance to speak directly with the locals and raise awareness on the orphanage and their plans to help the community. Oogie Art emphasizes that students become leaders and take on projects like this on their own. It gave students an opportunity to raise funds, simultaneously increasing leadership skills.


August 20, 2016 


Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea

Charity Fundraising Show at Oogie art Gallery, NY

The work of Sophia Raia was featured in the Oogie Art Gallery this May through June. Sophia Raia is an Oogie Art student from the Saddle River Day School in NJ, she was accepted from Wesleyan University. This is one of the first of student works that will be featured as part of a series for fundraising events. This particular fundraising event was for a Tribute to Wounded Special Forces Heroes. 


May 29 ~ June 5, 2014