Leading & Learning Group Show

The work of Ugandan students was featured in the Oogie Art Gallery this December. The work is the result of a collaboration between Oogie Art students and the children of the Mityana Village at the Kasangula School. Students discussed their experience and talked about their leadership roles during their visit. 


December 13 ~ 27, 2014

New York Times Article: Laura Anderson Barbata's "Stories and Stilts"


Oogie Art was mentioned in the New York Times article featuring the performance artist Laura Anderson Barbata’s program “Stories and Stilts” at the BRIC House through August 31st. The event featured is part of the Oogie Art Internship experience. During the program, students lead families through the “Transcommunality” show and presented a Korean folk tale titled “The Pious Daughter” Lots of preparation went into this and it was a great opportunity for students to experience installation and performance art firsthand. We are so proud of all the Oogie Art Students that participated!  

Uganda Leadership Program

Oogie Art will be traveling to Uganda for another Leadership Program. Students will help launch art programs for orphans and children in Africa at the Kasangula Talent School in the district of Mityana and the Gaba Orphanage Home at the Bethany Children’s Village. This will be a great opportunity for students to connect with the children and learn great leadership skills.


August 3 ~ 14, 2014

Designer's Talk: Marco Lafiandra

11235334_10153340701012298_1028669788666172604_n (1).jpg

Marco LaFiandra is a Designer and project manager at DDC Designpost. He moved to New York City 6 years ago from Italy and studied Industrial Design in college. Marco gave a presentation about the design process and experience of being a designer from both Italy and NY. His advice for students was to never abandon their personal vision and mission, and to always connect with clients on a deeper level. 


July 26, 2014

Artist's Talk: Vito Acconci (Jan 24, 1940 - Apr 27, 2017)

vito acconci.jpg

Vito Acconci was a world renown landscape architect, designer, performance and installation artist. He came to fame in the 1970s and left a mark on the art world for his unsettling performances and installation work. Oogie students were given an interesting and unexpected presentation of his work, including architectural renderings, video clips, and his overall philosophy throughout his life as an artist. Vito stated that he loved architecture because it always has renovation built into it. Students left inspired with a different view of landscape architecture and performance/installation art. 

Charity Fundraising Show at Oogie art Gallery, NY

The work of Sophia Raia was featured in the Oogie Art Gallery this May through June. Sophia Raia is an Oogie Art student from the Saddle River Day School in NJ, she was accepted from Wesleyan University. This is one of the first of student works that will be featured as part of a series for fundraising events. This particular fundraising event was for a Tribute to Wounded Special Forces Heroes. 


May 29 ~ June 5, 2014