Visiting Artist

Designer's Talk: Marco Lafiandra

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Marco LaFiandra is a Designer and project manager at DDC Designpost. He moved to New York City 6 years ago from Italy and studied Industrial Design in college. Marco gave a presentation about the design process and experience of being a designer from both Italy and NY. His advice for students was to never abandon their personal vision and mission, and to always connect with clients on a deeper level. 


July 26, 2014

Artist's Talk: Vito Acconci (Jan 24, 1940 - Apr 27, 2017)

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Vito Acconci was a world renown landscape architect, designer, performance and installation artist. He came to fame in the 1970s and left a mark on the art world for his unsettling performances and installation work. Oogie students were given an interesting and unexpected presentation of his work, including architectural renderings, video clips, and his overall philosophy throughout his life as an artist. Vito stated that he loved architecture because it always has renovation built into it. Students left inspired with a different view of landscape architecture and performance/installation art. 

Visiting Artist: Lee Boroson Professor at RISD


Senior Critic of the Sculpture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design, Lee Boroson makes a visit to Oogie Art to view several Oogie student’s artworks and give them advice on how to improve their work, especially for their portfolio. Boron is best known for his room-filling inflated sculpture, inspired by many sources including historic garden design to the Architecture of over-looked sections in buildings. 

Date & Time

August 7, 2013 12:00pm


Designer's Talk Event at Oogie Art

Artist Studio Visit: Summer Wheat, New York

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Oogie students visited the studio of Summer Wheat, a visual artist working in Brooklyn. Her work is a combination of sculptural installation, drawing, and most notably painting. She looks for innovative ways to apply the paint to canvas, and has used objects like syringes, mops, and brooms to apply the paint. Her work is sometimes grotesque and messy, and sometimes alludes to a social critique of the wealthy and destitute classes. After visiting, students were inspired by the layering of paint and different ways to apply paint to surfaces.

Artist Studio Visit: Kunié Sugiura

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Kunié Sugiura is a Japanese based photographer working in New York City. Her medium of choice is the photogram, which is is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive material such as photographic paper and then exposing it to light. During their visit, students were able to create sample photograms giving them further inspiration and ideas for future projects. 

Artist Studio Visit - Carole Seborovski, Professor at Hunter College

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Carol Seborovski is a New York-based painter and sculptor. Her works are often treated as three dimensional objects as she uses clay and collage on canvas. Her work references African and Asian art, Minimalism and Organic Surrealism as well as Zen philosophy. Sharing her work, Oogie students were able to see different collage techniques and ways to incorporate various media into paintings.


May 26 ~ 30, 2009

College Admissions Seminar: College Board Director - Leonard Lehrer, Former NYU chairman

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Leonard Lehrer is a former professor and chairman of the Art Department at New York University. Visiting Oogie students, he gave a detailed lecture on how to prepare for art college admissions and tips on being a working artist.  He brought samples of his own work as well, and shared tips on portfolio submission.  


December 8, 2007