Art in America

Art & Technology - in Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco

This past summer of 2013, Oogie Art students took a major trip to visit various companies in Silicon Valley. This was by far one of the most rewarding experience for our students as they were given advice and stories from industry professionals directly. Students saw first-hand how art and technology were creating new, in-demand career paths for art college graduates giving them lots of practical insight into how they could better prepare their paths as artists & designers. Some of the design and tech-startups visited were Elemental 8, a product design agency, Liquid Agency, a branding and marketing firm, and Wagic, a toy design company. From listening to the advice & stories from passionate people in the industries, it gave students inspiration to pursue their dreams. 


August 4 ~ 12, 2013

Art in America - Summer Art Abroad Program 11 cities 12 museums 8 colleges NYC, DC FL, IL, MA

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Oogie students traveled to 11 different cities, 12 museums and 8 colleges this summer. It was an extensive program to help students familiarize with all the famous classic and contemporary artwork one might see in an art history book. Students also visited several colleges and toured the campuses, giving them an idea for future plans to apply to an art school. It was a great experience to get out of the studio and view great works of art. 


August 2 ~ 14, 2011