Art Portfolio National Awarded $10,000 Scholarship from Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to our senior high school student Maya Dixon (12th Grade, Fieldston Upper School '18, Bronx)! Maya has been with us since middle school, and we're so proud to be sending her off with such high accolades! 

Maya was chosen as a Visual Arts YoungArts finalist, received a Gold Medal Art Portfolio from Scholastic Art & Writing Awards AND  received TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS IN SCHOLARSHIP for her conceptually strong portfolio. 

Maya will be attending Cooper Union in the fall, where we know she will go on to achieve even greater, more awesome feats. 

Check out Maya's interview with News 12 Bronx

At Oogie Art we focus on promoting students' individual voices and help them craft their experiences, concepts, and visions into expressive artwork and portfolios. Maya's achievements are a testimony to #blackexcellence that we aim to keep encouraging.

Leading & Learning II Show Opening

Oogie Art is proud to present a group show of students' work from a recent trip to Uganda, Africa, in which students volunteered to create their own lesson plans and teach workshops on art and education. After returning from this leadership trip, students were tasked with creating an artwork in response to their trip. 

Oogie Art is proud to announce that 100% of the proceeds from this exhibition will go towards Uganda refugee children. 

Uganda Leadership Program 2017

Solar Roof Panels Oogie Art Uganda Kasangula Talent School

Oogie Art took another trip to Uganda this summer to help build solar panels for the Kasangula Talent School located in the Mityana district. Students taught a total of 8 art classes, engaging in creativity and leadership roles with the local students. Oogie Art also donated many books to help build the library which would be a great resource for students. The visit is yet another step in helping to upgrade the school and improve upon education of children. 

Date & Time

August 15, 2017 ~ August 24, 2017

Student Spotlight: Joanna Yoon


Joanna Yoon is a passionate Visual Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the cosmetics and media industry. Joanna graduated from SVA as a graphic design major, and currently works for NBC Universal as a graphic designer. She has held internships at companies like Fresh cosmetics and Digital Media Rights

Student Spotlight: Steve Seong


Steve Seong graduated with a double major in radio/tv/film and psychology with a minor in the business institutions program at Northwestern University. Previously he was the International Programming & Acquisitions Intern at Nickelodeon. He is currently a Marketing Coordinator in Digital Products and Platforms at Discovery Communications. 

Exhibition at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington D.C.


Fourteen students from Oogie Art that have received national recognition in the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and five were honored to have their artwork exhibited at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. This exhibition showcases the strongest artwork from talented teens all over the country, ranging from traditional media like painting and drawing to mixed media highlighting contemporary issues. Over the past year, our Oogie students have worked very hard towards entering their pieces in the competition, and we couldn’t be more proud of them for sharing their creative ideas. Congratulations Katherine Pan, Ava Xu, Maya Dixon, Joseph Li, and Jane Demarest!!

Ribbon–cutting Ceremony Date & Time

Sept. 16, 2016

Show Date & Time

September 5 – October 31, 2016

Exhibition Location

The U.S. Department of Education in Washington D.C.

Fundraising Event for Myanmar Orphans

Oogie art website news-46.jpg

A few students from Oogie Art held a fundraising event in Busan, Korea to raise money towards the Mya Theingyi Orphanage in Myanmar. Students had the chance to speak directly with the locals and raise awareness on the orphanage and their plans to help the community. Oogie Art emphasizes that students become leaders and take on projects like this on their own. It gave students an opportunity to raise funds, simultaneously increasing leadership skills.


August 20, 2016 


Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea

Myanmar Leadership Program

Oogie art website news-45.jpg

Students from Oogie Art visited the Mya Theingyi Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar to spend time with the children and create a diverse range of artwork. Children were very responsive towards creating something meaningful to express their emotional state and experiment with different supplies provided.  It was a great experience to go abroad and bring fun and positivity to connect with the students and become leaders in the classroom.


August 14 ~ 19, 2016

Art College Admissions II based on 40 colleges interviews with Admission Officers and Chair or Director of art department & 20 Mentors

Art College Admissions 2.jpg

Director Wook Choi published her second book titled Art College Admissions IIStemming from 35+ years of experience as an artist, art educator and art dealer, Wook delivers tips and guidance on creating the best portfolio, including examples of student work, and provides insight from interviews with industry professionals in all creative fields including fine art, design, & architecture. Over 40 colleges and universities were interviewed to highlight their best programs and developments in their schools. This is the best updated resource for anyone looking to enter a college or university to further their art education. 

Date & Time

July 2016


Oogie Art Press in New York, NY

Author: Wook Choi, Founder of Oogie Art

Scholastic Art National Award Ceremony 2016

download (1).jpeg

12 Scholastic Art National Awards were given to students at the national level this year.

Some schools such as Pratt Institute honor scholarships for students that have gained recognition at the national level. For example: 

  • Portfolio Gold Award Recipients in General Art or Photography: $1500/year for four years
  • Portfolio Silver Award Recipients in General Art or Photography: $1000 a year for four years
  • Gold Award Recipients Individual works: $500 a year for four years

Congratulations to the following students: Katherine Pan, Ava Xu, Maya Dixon, Joseph Li, and Jane Demarest

Scholastic Art Award Ceremony 2016

Oogie art website news-41.jpg

The 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Ceremony was held at Parsons School of Design. Once again, Oogie Art beat their record with a total of 188 Key Awards! The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is a renown competition, recognized by virtually every art education institution in the world. This is the best opportunity for students to become engaged with other artists and share their creative voices in a diverse setting. It’s also a crucial component to highlight their achievements during their college admissions.