Online e-Portfolio Program ™ 

Oogie Art’s Online e-Portfolio Program is a collaborative online learning environment that connects students to their classmates and teachers. Our online courses provide the same quality art portfolio prep. program as traditional in-classroom learning, including immediate access to image libraries of winning artworks created by former Oogie Art students and our art college consulting advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can my parents receive email notifications about my progress, too?

Of course – after you register, we’ll send both you and your parents email invites whereby you can create your own usernames and passwords. Your parents will then get email noti­fications each time a comment is added, ­file uploaded and artwork completed. Conversely, your parent may opt out of these noti­fications as well.

2. What If I Don’t Have Any Prior Artworks To Be Revised?

In This Case, We’ll Help You Start-And-­Finish One Extra Artwork For Every Two Revisions You’re Entitled To; This Number Is Dependent Upon Which Package You Select. See Enroll Sign Up Page For The Online E-Portfolio Packages For More Details. 

3. If I sign into a multi-month e-Portfolio Program and I later sign up to attend live Portfolio Program classes at one of Oogie Art’s schools, what will happen to my e-Portfolio tuition payments during that time?

This will depend on the number of classes you sign up for during that period. If you’re coming to one of our schools for a short, intensive program only some of your e- Portfolio tuition payments may be applied to your Live Portfolio Program tuition balance. If you’re planning on attending classes for a longer period of time – say, an entire summer – then it’s very likely that all of your e-Portfolio tuition payments will be eligible to be applied towards your Live Portfolio Program class tuition balance. 

4. Even though I’m not paying with a credit card, why must I leave my credit card information?

Though your fi­rst payment may be made using a variety of payment methods, we’ll use your credit card to automatically charge you for any subsequent transactions. For example, in the event you decide to purchase add-ons or change your choice of package, we’ll use your credit card information to collect owed funds or to issue necessary refunds. Additionally, by setting up recurring payments with us, you won’t have to worry about late fees or lost payments. 

5. Do you photograph and digitally retouch ­finished artworks?

Yes, we’ll professionally ­finish your completed artworks in digital format for submission to colleges and award competitions. Alternatively, we can instead send you detailed instructions on how to go about doing this yourself (requires that you have access to a digital camera and a computer capable of installing and running a trial version of Adobe Photoshop). See Enroll Sign Up Page for the Online e-Portfolio Packages for more details. 

6. Most colleges require 15–20 artworks, why do you offer online e-Portfolio packages where students can expect to ­finish 28–32 artworks?

Even though most colleges will require you to send 15–20 artworks, depending on your level of ability and how much previous art experience you’ve had, certain artworks might end up serving as priming assignments that will familiarize you with certain materials or techniques. Though these pieces can be placed into art portfolios, for maximized scholarship-winning results, you’ll want to create as many pieces as possible before applying to college to 1) build up a large vocabulary of techniques and styles; 2) develop your concepts as much as possible – this includes learning about as many Modern and Contemporary artists as you can; and 3) to learn about which ideas in art interest you the most – this will in turn de­fine clear paths of action you’ll need to take in order to develop a more coherent, thematic and conceptual body of work that exhibits an intelligent and creative voice admissions committees will recognize as your own. 

7. Do you select and arrange artworks or is that my responsibility?

Through our Selective Portfolio Arrangement service, we’ll personally advise you on which pieces to submit to which schools – some pieces are better to submit to certain schools than others. Essentially, through this service we’ll help you submit different portfolios of artworks to different schools to maximize your results. See Enroll Sign Up Page for the Online e-Portfolio Packages for more details. 

8. Why does it take 2 weeks to create an artwork?

In our experience, 2 weeks is the average amount of time it takes a student with a medium set of responsibilities to 1) secure necessary materials to begin a new project; 2) create idea sketches; and 3) follow instructions to revise the artwork to completion. Some artworks will take longer than others depending on the complexity of the assignment. In the event you’re able to complete assignments at a rate more quickly than the expected 2-artwork-per-month rate, you may purchase additional artwork assignments as add-ons at anytime. 

9. What if I have nothing to work on while waiting for a response after asking a question?

You’ll always be given ahead of time a second artwork assignment. This way, while you’re awaiting a response for artwork assignment #1, you can move forward and work on assignment #2. Each time you complete an assignment, we’ll send you another so that at any given time, you’ll always have 2 ongoing artwork assignments. 

10. What are the cut-o‑ times for messaging questions and receiving feedback?

If you sign up for a month-to-month e-Portfolio package, you’ll receive a response every 72 hours. If you sign up for a 3-month e-Portfolio package, you’ll receive a response every 48 hours – except on holidays and Oogie Art Break Time. If you sign up for a 6, 9 or 12-month e-Portfolio package and: • You send your message before 9:00 PM, you’ll in most cases receive a response on the same day – this excludes Holidays; • You send your message after 9:00 PM, you’ll always receive a response on the next day – this excludes Holidays. 

11. What is video-messaged instruction?

For a nominal fee, we’ll record personal video messages that detail instructions on how to proceed with your current assignment using live speech, artwork samples, diagrams, additional ideas, and so forth. It’s the closest experience to actually being in class with us here at one of our schools. 

12. Do you offer help with home tests, artist statements or college applications?

We offer end-to-end admissions assistance with the entire art admissions process. Actually, no other pre-college art program in the world offers as comprehensive help with the art college application process as Oogie Art. Our Art College Application Service Program (ACAS) will help you write effective artwork descriptions, create winning responses to home-test questionnaires and craft compelling artist statements and essay responses. It’s a program we offer to help you market your artistic talents and experiences in the most effective way possible. If you’re interested, please let us know.